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The Right Tools for Managing Data & Risk

An open dialogue on advanced strategies and technology tools that are mitigating risk, promoting efficiency, and driving success in today's lending environment.

• Maximizing methods for risk mitigation
• Tapping into leading technology safeguards
• Innovative tools to elevate compliance practices
• Balancing protection and productivity in data management
• Social media's place in today's marketplace


MPacting: Financial Institutions, GSEs, Originators, Servicers, Technology Providers, Compliance Providers, Data/Document Services Providers

Credit & Refinance Policies Impacting Today's Borrower

A conversation on the policy changes and lending trends influencing the mortgage industry's most important asset – today's borrower.

• Understanding lending's future through today's borrower behavior
• The regulatory revolution's impact on homebuyers
• Preparing for the end of the refinancing rush
• Technologies and tools for borrower retention
• Strategies and solutions for navigating the credit crunch


MPacting: Financial Institutions, Policymakers, Originators, Servicers, Economists and Analysts, Technology Providers

Compliance, Regulations, & the Secondary Market

A forum on the origination and securitization industries' race to adapt to changing compliance standards, regulatory mandates, and the government's evolving role in housing.

• The CFPB's impact on lending
• The future of the GSEs
• Private capital and the securitization pipeline
• Credit market practices and the secondary market
• Next-generation platforms for compliance


MPacting: Financial Institutions, GSEs, Policymakers, Investors, Originators,
Servicers, Attorneys, Compliance Providers

Successful Strategies for Title & Closings

A discussion on next-generation innovations and solutions addressing key regulatory and operational concerns for leaders in title and closing services.

• Effective methods for borrower communication and data management
• The National Mortgage Settlement's impact on title and closing operations
• Leading strategies and tools for risk mitigation
• Outsourcing versus insourcing compliance
• Online originations' impact on title and closings

MPacting: Financial Institutions, Policymakers, Investors, Originators, Servicers, Technology Providers, Attorneys, Title and Escrow Companies

The State of Valuations

A forum on industry-leading products, practices, and compliance strategies shaping the evolution of valuations.

• The future of valuation legislation
• Top technologies for streamlined processing
• Best practices for reconciling divergent valuations
• Enhancing relationships with originators and lenders
• Emerging versus traditional valuation products

MPacting: Policymakers, Originators, Servicers, Valuation Companies and Professionals